Welcome to this website which aims to make available Christian resources that have been produced over many years and that are still being produced.  Please explore the hymns, monologues, BibIe Studies, articles and other resources, as well as photographs for use in worship and other creative settings.  
Jacqui is happy for her material to be used in any way that
doesn't involve it being sold! She simply asks that she is credited appropriately and she would love to know - through the 'contact me' link - how the material is being used.  Feedback and suggestions are welcome - do get in touch, either through my personal email if you know it or through the link on this site.  And use the same means if you would like email updates from me when new material appears.


Here are selections of photos in 4 categories that include pictures for spiritual use and the best pictures from 5 years of the Wymondham Posada Experience in Advent.

Bible Studies
For 3 years from 2007 - 10,  a Bible Study was written for each Sunday's Lectionary Gospel passage. Each study follows the same format and takes one side of an A4 sheet of paper. People have used them in housegroups, for personal study and for sermon preparation.  If you are interested in these, or would like a particular Sunday's study, please get in touch with Jacqui.

Jacqui first started performing monologues (that other people had written) in 2004/5.  She then found new ones coming into her head as different Bible characters wanted to have a voice and have now written (and, mostly, performed) over 30. They work best when performed from memory in a dramatic way.  

Some poems - written at different times for different occasions.

Mainly ones from the past that have been published at local or wider level.

For 5 years in Wymondham figures of Mary & Joseph were sent around the community during Advent - gentle but powerful outreach. The idea is based on a Mexican tradition and many churches in this country have done it with small figures. Wymondham Methodist Church did it with large ones!  See the relevant photo album and the explanation and resources under the dedicated link. Jacqui has recently co-authored a Grove booklet with Rev Susanna Gunner (recently appointed Chaplain to the Bishop of Norwich) on this subject that was published in 2016.

This section contains a selection of hymns, many of them to the tune 'Bunessan', but many not!  
Outreach Spirituality
This section describes Jacqui's vision for, and experiments in, translating Christian experience into opportunities that are attractive to people outside of church culture. 
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