Lent and Easter

It was a special occasion
Based on the Last Supper, and written for my last celebration of Communion on a Thursday evening on Iona in 2006. I used this monologue to 'tell the story' as part of the consecration of bread and wine.

Wash my feet, Jesus?!
Monologue written for the Testimony Service for Deacon Jen Woodfin in the Summer of 2007. The complementary prayer that follows was written for the Staff Meeting of the Norwich Circuit in the Lent of 2016.

It was early in the morning
Based on Mark's account of the Resurrection.

It was just an ordinary day
A passer-by reflects on the Crucifixion of Jesus. Written for Good Friday 2015 when I was speaking in Queen Square, Attleborough in the short ecumenical act of worship.