Broken, Breathing & Beautiful

Broken, breathing and beautiful 
(to the tune of ‘I am sailing’ by Rod Stewart)

I am broken, I am broken,
by the turmoil of the years;
I am broken, by the trials –
fuelled by anger, hurt and tears.

I am breathing, I am breathing,
still alive and whisp’ring ‘yes’;
I am breathing, scars come with me –
God holds all, and God will bless.

I have beauty, I have beauty,
forged from wounds received of old;
I have beauty, take me onwards –
healed, forgiven, glued in gold.

We are walking, we are dancing,
on the paths of many roads;
We are weaving lives together 

sharing joys and bearing loads.

God behind us, God before us,
God below, and God above;
We are chosen, precious children,
God restores and wraps in love.

Jacqui Horton November 2017



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