You could 'ave knocked me down with a feather!

You could ‘ave knocked me down with a feather!
I ‘ad gone to draw water as usual from the well – Jacob’s well – the one given to us by our ancestor, Jacob,
And there’s this man sittin there.
Well, nothing so unusual ‘bout that I spose,
Though there aren’t usually men sittin’ there – more’s the pity,
But it was the sort of man ‘e was.
First off, ‘e was a Jew.
So he weren’t going to speak to a Samaritan woman like me.  But ‘e did!
‘E asked me for a drink.  Me!  A Samaritan woman.
Point two. 
‘E seemed to know all about me!  What I’d done, where I’d been, the men I’d been with.
I thought to meself, ‘Either ‘e ‘as a crystal ball, or e’s a prophet!  And I don’t see no crystal ball!’
Number three.
‘E told me ‘e could give me livin’ water. 
Well, I said ‘How you going to get water without a bucket when that well’s so deep?’
But I don’t think ‘e meant real water.
I think ‘e was talking ‘bout something inside.
And I was interested, I was interested.
My life’s not been anything much really, when you look at it like,
and I liked the sound of something that would help me inside. 
But I ‘aven’t told you the best bit of all!
We’d got into discussions ‘bout where you should worship,
seeing’s how us Samaritans and Jews worship in different places.
But ‘e said, it didn’t matter where you worshipped.  It matters how you worship.  You’ve got to do it proply like.
Well, the phrase ‘e used was ‘in spirit and in truth’.
I wanted to show that I knew something, that I wasn’t just a silly Samaritan woman.
So I said, ‘I know that when the Messiah, the Christ comes, he’ll tell us everything, ‘e’ll make it all crystal clear.
And ‘e said, ‘e said, ‘That’s me.  The Christ is me’


Well! You could ‘ave knocked me down with a feather!


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